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Chart of Predicted AFP levels for Children with BWS

A chart of predicted AFP levels in children affected by Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome up to 3 Years of age.

This document is in Word format for you to download and print.
Background information on predicted Alpha-fetalprotein levels found in BWS children.

An increase in the level of alpha-fetalprotein is a key indicator for hepatablastoma ( a liver tumor).  Regular six week blood tests for AFP levels are an important part of the screening protocol for BWS children.


Additionally, children with Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome generally have a naturally higher level of AFP, and their levels remain higher for longer than non-BWS children.


This chart provides you and your medical team with a chart of predicted AFP levels for BWS children from birth to age three.


This document includes medical references for verification by medical professionals.


This document is in Word format, so that you can download and print it out for your own reference, and to pass on to the medical team caring for your child.


Please click click here to download the document

· Blood tests for AFP levels should be made every six weeks.

· BWS children generally have a higher level of AFP.

· AFP levels in BWS children are detectable for longer than non-BWS children.

· A rapidly increasing AFP level can be an indicator of hepatablastoma.

· AFP levels for non-BWS children are also provided for reference.