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Tumor screening protocol for BWS Children.
Critical information about tumor screening for parents of children with Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome.

Dr. Michael R. DeBaun MD, MPH explains the reasoning behind, and the importance of,  the current tumor screening protocol for children with BWS.


The document contains full medical refences for verification from medical professionals.


This document is in Word format, so that you can download and print it out for your own reference, and to pass on to the medical team caring for your child.


Please click click here to download the document.


· The most common tumors occurring in BWS children are  hepatablastoma and Wilm’s Tumor.

· Both hepatablastoma and WIlm’s Tumor are extremely fast growing.

· Abdominal screening ultrasound scans every three months

· Alpha-Fetalprotein levels tested every six weeks.

· BWS children can have more than type of tumor

· BWS children can have  more than one occurrence of a  particular type of tumor